Deep Weird

Deep Weird: The Varieties of High Strangeness Experience is a new essay collection edited by Welsh anthropologist and parapsychologist Jack Hunter. It just came out last week and features a chapter I wrote on deeply weird synchronicities, along with a lot of other fascinating and diverse material. If you ever get the feeling that we have the paranormal basically figured out, I suggest you read this book and rediscover your sense of wonder and cluelessness!

Also, Jack has put together a set of mini-interviews with the book’s contributors that are a great way to get introduced to the various material and perspectives you’ll find inside. Below, I’ll post Jack’s introductory video as well as my brief interview. You can find the rest of the contributor videos on Jack Hunter’s YouTube channel. Have fun pushing your boggle threshold!

2 responses to “Deep Weird”

  1. Oh my goodness. I have only recently been introduced to your scholarship regarding anomalous experience, particularly your book on synchronicity, and now this new book by Jack Hunter. Both are now on my future reading list as I am reading a bunch of other related titles. Thank you for what you are doing.

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