The Supreme Victory of the Heart

a memoir of love, loss, and synchronicity

“One of the most courageous, captivating, and unflinchingly honest memoirs to appear in years” – Larry Dossey, MD, NYT best-selling author of Healing Words and One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“Gorgeous…. Read it on a plane, read it by the beach, or read it in bed on a rainy day.” – Trisha Barker, author of Angels in the OR

“Heartfelt and inspirational…deeply moving” – Scarlett Heinbuch, PhD, author of Waking Up to Love

“Captivating…a profound and palpable example of the true nature of unconditional love” – Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, author of Promised by Heaven and Understanding Is the New Healing

At 29, Sharon Hewitt was about to see her dreams come true. For the past decade, she’d been living the academic high life in New York, Paris, and Boston but struggling to feel at ease far from her rural roots and the religious faith she’d left behind in college. Now, engaged to a Frenchman and about to settle on a beautiful farm in the rolling countryside of Brittany, she felt she’d finally come home…

…until a girl her fiancé had known in high school unexpectedly resurfaced, changing everything.

The Supreme Victory of the Heart is Sharon’s candid account of the months following her French fiancé’s tearful admission that he wasn’t sure he could marry her after all, when she stood to lose not only the man she deeply loved, but the country she had inwardly adopted as her own. Torn between rage and sorrow, sympathy and steely resolve, Sharon found herself plumbing the depths of human love, as well as encountering the possibility of something she’d given up on long ago: a higher purpose behind it all. This book tells the story of her challenging personal journey, and of the intriguing synchronicities that left her with the growing suspicion that love just might be destined to emerge victorious after all.

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