Beyond Death

Runner-up in the 2021 Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies Essay Contest

A succinct presentation of the best case studies pointing to life after death, with an emphasis on addressing the super-psi/living-agent psi hypothesis


The Source & Significance of Coincidences

“Elegantly written, thorough, sophisticated, and nuanced” – Stephen E. Braude, PhD, author of Crimes of Reason and The Gold Leaf Lady

An exploration of experiences that stand on the ambiguous boundary between the everyday and the paranormal


The Feeling of Value

“[E]xceptionally bold and philosophically absorbing”

– from the foreword by Thomas Nagel, PhD, author of Mind & Cosmos

A scholarly treatise arguing for a version of moral realism grounded in the qualia of phenomenal consciousness


The Supreme Victory of the Heart

“[O]ne of the most courageous, captivating, and unflinchingly honest memoirs to appear in years.”

– Larry M. Dossey, MDNYT best-selling author of Healing Words and One Mind

A true story about the twists and turns of human love and the way that life’s strange coincidences can sometimes lead us to the strongest, truest parts of ourselves

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