Using coincidences to tune in to your intuition

Just before Christmas, I did a lovely interview with Luisa Carel of Passion Harvest where we talked about how to decipher the meaning of coincidences and the ways they can guide us in the big decisions of our lives. Specifically, we talked about how coincidences can help us (have helped me!) tune into our intuition and not ignore the cry of our own hearts.

Luisa is a lovely host and produced two beautiful videos from our interview. She’s made available both a short, 8-minute version as well as the full, 40-minute interview with a lot more personal stories and examples thrown in.

You’ll also find an abundance of other fascinating interviews on the Passion Harvest YouTube channel. Two of my recent favorites are Luisa’s interviews with NDErs Lotte Valentin and Heidi Craig.

Happy New Year!

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