A wealth of after-death research on Thanatos TV

I was recently interviewed by Thanatos TV, a YouTube channel that specializes in documentaries and interviews on near-death experiences (NDEs) as well as more general research into consciousness and death. I not only wanted to share with you a link to my own interview on Thanatos but also let you know about some of the other great content they have available.

Their recent interviewees include:

Sabine Kalbus, whose NDE healed her from a brain tumor

Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon whose NDE completely changed his views on the nature of reality

Tom Campbell, a former NASA physicist who researches the big questions about consciousness

Jim Tucker, a reincarnation researcher at the University of Virginia

Pim van Lommel, a cardiologist and NDE researcher

Also, Thanatos does a wonderful job of providing tables of contents for their interviews, so I can give you the contents from my interview, which will give you a good idea of the topics we covered and allow you to jump straight into what interests you most. I hope you have a great time poking around on their channel!

Contents of June 10, 2021 interview with Sharon Hewitt Rawlette:

00:00:18 What got you interested in coincidences? 00:06:00 You say that coincidences actually point us to a meaningful reality – beyond what science can measure today or what phenomena they would accept nowadays? 00:06:53 Can you give us a breakdown of all the important sources of coincidences that you have found? 00:10:28 Can you remember any incidents like intermission memories, the time between two lives? 00:13:21 Like a chain of events 00:14:25 Do you have any favorite stories or reports during your research which really impressed you? 00:19:40 About angels and guides 00:22:33 How good do you think is the evidence that our consciousness survives physical death? 00:33:06 The hard problem of consciousness research 00:36:06 To describe an electron 00:38:19 Where does consciousness come from? 00:43:29 What kind of world view or understanding of the universe can you see emerging? 00:45:33 Destiny and fate: Do you think catastrophes in our lives are chance events or is there a deeper meaning to them? 00:50:58 Suffering 00:52:08 Do you think those events and suffering as well contributes towards our inner growth in a deeper sense? 00:55:49 The deeper meaning of our existence 00:56:46 Evil beings and entities which can course coincidences or experiences 00:59:20 Current work and plans for the future

3 responses to “A wealth of after-death research on Thanatos TV”

  1. Great interview on Thanatos!
    I would love hear your comments on the work by Dr. Alan Botkin, Phd regarding “ induced after death communication”. I have seen very little discussion of this remarkable phenomenon. Please see: http://www.induced-adc.com/

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