A Review to Celebrate the One-Month Anniversary of The Supreme Victory of the Heart

A few days ago, a reader emailed me to let me know that she’d posted a review of my new memoir The Supreme Victory of the Heart on Amazon. I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten several enthusiastic reviews of this book, but this latest one–by a woman named Kellie Heath–really bowled me over. Not only is Kellie herself a gifted writer, but I felt her review went right to the heart of what I was trying to do with this book, perhaps conveying it even better than I’ve been able to do myself. For that reason, I want to share her review with all of you here.

From Kellie Heath:

Deeply impressed by Sharon Rawlette’s previous work, The Source and Significance of Coincidences: A Hard Look at the Astonishing Evidence, I was extremely eager to have a look into the heart and mind that had produced such a significant book about the spiritual reality underlying our seemingly material universe. What a wonderful window into the author’s soul this gorgeous new book has provided.

Sharon Rawlette’s captivating memoir, The Supreme Victory of the Heart, artfully weaves together three overlapping love stories. One details the beautiful but painfully eclipsed romance between the author and a man she once stood to marry. Another traces the growth of a woman gradually coming to know and love herself more deeply. Finally, there is the over-arching journey of a devoted-Christian-turned-reluctant-atheist coming back to belief in the Divine after many years, but in a startlingly different and deeper way than she had imagined possible.

As no life is lived in a vacuum, the genre of memoir invariably involves publicly exposing the ways and doings of the other people connected to one’s story. This is perilous territory, but the author has managed to navigate it extremely well in the intricate and intimate telling of her heartbreak. It is difficult to imagine a more delicate, respectful, and compassionate portrayal of the man she so passionately loved, who ultimately chose to be with someone else. I must admit, he was so endearingly rendered that I often felt drawn to love him myself. And so, reading this narrative was a sort of communion with not one, but two beautiful souls. The kind of unconditional love that the author was ultimately able to embrace in the midst of her own pain, anger, and devastation was indeed a rare and supreme victory.

There is so much to love in this book. Charming and deliciously detailed descriptions of the author’s love affair with France and her Frenchman. Introspective passages—laced with an uncommon humility and honest self-assessment—that trace the journey of a highly accomplished and independent mind into and out of academia, and through the labyrinth of life’s biggest questions. A sometimes costly commitment to seeking and living by truth, as clearly as one can conceive of it. Intriguing encounters with the mysterious patterns of synchronicity, and how they and a breathtaking encounter with beauty became pathways toward perceiving a Higher Love still somehow at work in an often bewildering universe.

I highly recommend this book, which was even more enjoyable and gratifying on my second journey through it. Infused with intelligence, courage, sincerity, open-hearted searching, startling compassion and delightful humor, The Supreme Victory of the Heart is a truly fine spiritual memoir by a gifted writer and a lovely human being.

3 responses to “A Review to Celebrate the One-Month Anniversary of The Supreme Victory of the Heart”

  1. I finally, FINALLY (what took me so long!?) sat down two days ago with your memoir and couldn’t put it down. I can’t possibly do it with justice with this comment (especially in light of this phenomenal review), but it was utter perfection. The similarities in our journeys are uncanny (down to the 33s, which appeared for me as I begin to co-create/imagine a new, independent, heart-centered life – one that included leaving corporate America). I was especially in awe of how you treated everyone in the book with such respect and reverence, and put into words feelings and experiences I’ve long wished I could. I can’t wait to read more.

    P.S. – I’m sure you noticed this, but I had to laugh when I finished reading, and saw that the Kindle version ISBN has not one, but two 33’s in it (including ending with a 33)! 😉

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Jules! It’s so cool that you’ve also been followed by 33s. (You don’t have a blog post where you talk about that, do you? Would love to know the specifics…) Also, I just went to your blog to check out what you’ve been up to recently and saw today’s post, “The Rainbow Connection.” The rainbow is another similarity in our journeys–I’m thinking of that rainbow I saw over the 33 bookshop on that very important day! It’s funny, really, because synchronicities generally speak in such personal, tailored ways, different for every individual, but it sure seems like yours and my “personal, tailored” languages are very similar!

      • Oh that was lucky that I just happened to put up that rainbow post – yet another similarity! I’ve also had a lot of signs re: France/Paris (so I started learning French a year and a half ago!), went to college in NYC, and all of the music and many of the books you mentioned were prominent in my life. Some of it could be chalked up to us being two east coast, home schooled women in their late 30s, but beyond that, it’s uncanny!! I even met with a numerologist [for the first and only time] in Jan 2019 after the 33s got out of hand (Ann Perry – she’s wonderful). I haven’t written about it, but I should. Besides the clock, I’ll see it everywhere – spray-painted in the grass of an otherwise unmarred park, etc. Don’t know if you’ve ever gone down this path, but 33 is a master number in numerology and reading about it might spark some new insights! It can also relate to humor and creativity in ‘double’ force — as a humor writer, that definitely struck a chord! If you ever want to discuss in more detail, please feel free to email me any time! 🙂 JKSchnedeker@gmail.com

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