Publication day! My memoir on love, loss, and synchronicity is out.

I’ve written a lot about coincidence and synchronicity in the past couple of years–from my “Coincidence or psi?” article in the Journal of Scientific Exploration to my 618-page book The Source and Significance of Coincidences to my Psychology Today blog Mysteries of Consciousness. And while, in each of those places, I’ve briefly described some of the synchronicities I myself have experienced, I haven’t gone into much detail about the spiritual and emotional impact these events have had on me. But my new book–a memoir called The Supreme Victory of the Heart–is a whole different story.

As the title indicates, this book is about the heart. It’s about my very first coincidence experiences, which first became salient to me in the months after a difficult personal revelation: my French fiancé’s announcement that an old flame had come back into his life. When he tearfully told me that he wasn’t sure he could marry me anymore, my world came crashing down. I suddenly stood to lose not only the man I deeply loved but the country that had become my home.

And yet, in that darkest time of my life, I began to have experiences. Experiences much like the ones I had once longed for as a Christian young person, before the apparent bleakness of the world had caused me to lose my faith. I didn’t jump to any conclusions about what these new synchronistic occurrences meant, but I was highly intrigued by them–and encouraged. I found that the trail of “coincidences” that followed me through those dark weeks and months threw a new light on my life. And offered me a newly hopeful way of understanding the difficulties I faced.

Memoir has always been my favorite genre to read. Done well, it has all the drama and suspense of a novel, but the gravitas of hard fact. I feel it’s also the ideal genre to convey the depth and subtlety of the way synchronistic experiences guide the twists and turns of human lives.

I’ve been writing this book for over a decade, and it has been a true labor of love, written from the deepest parts of my soul. I hope you will find reading it rewarding.

5 responses to “Publication day! My memoir on love, loss, and synchronicity is out.”

  1. So happy for you, dear!! Congratulations on bringing this work together after such long labor and sharing it with the world, which takes a lot of courage. I loved your story, and also the beautiful mind and heart that it reveals. Memoir is also my favorite genre, and it often has been a lifeline.

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