Jan. 28 Event in the DC area: The Transforming Power of Synchronicity

I’m excited to announce that, on Jan. 28, I’ll be giving a talk sponsored by the Unitarian Universalists of Leisure World in Silver Spring, Maryland. The event is free and open to the public, and any of you who are in the area are welcome to join!

The Transforming Power of Synchronicity

Tuesday, Jan. 28 – 2:30pm – Leisure World Clubhouse II, 3300 N. Leisure World Blvd., Silver Spring, MD 20906

Synchronicities often make for humorous anecdotes, but they also have the power to transform lives. Their messages push, prod, heal, and even test us. In many cases, they completely upend our view of reality and our relation to it. In this presentation, synchronicity researcher Dr. Sharon Hewitt Rawlette demonstrates the fascinating ways that synchronicities have been personally transformative both in her life and others, and provides guidance on how best to benefit from their life-changing power.

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