What are the odds of THAT?

Lots of people–myself included–are persuaded of the existence of psychic phenomena by their own personal experiences. But how can we know if the strange events we experience are really psychic or if they are merely very rare chance occurrences?

Just this week, I published an article in The Journal of Scientific Exploration that provides a statistical method for answering this question! The article, titled “Coincidence or Psi?”, is now available for free on the journal’s website. Check it out!

And, as always, feel free to leave me questions or comments below.

2 responses to “What are the odds of THAT?”

  1. Just read your “Coincidence or PSI?” – although I remain unconvinced that calculation of chance in the world at large is possible, the article is an impressive analysis of a fascinating subject – anyone interested in the problem should read it.

    • Thanks for reading, Alan! As you know, you’re not alone in thinking that these kinds of calculations can’t be done. What fascinates me about that point of view is that all of us all the time ARE making such calculations. All of us are constantly deciding whether the events we encounter are good evidence for causal relationships (psi or otherwise) or just random occurrences. I’m only trying to make explicit a process that our minds are constantly already employing!

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