Letting Go

What The FlickaThis month Helen Hunt is guest editor over at Felicity Huffman’s What The Flicka?  She’s chosen the theme “Letting Go,” which also happens to be the subject of her new film Ride. My contribution is called “Letting Go of Success,” and you can read it here!

6 responses to “Letting Go”

  1. Absolutely authentic and inspiring Sharon. I can empathize with the first half of your story – the part about appearing to let go of the branch, but still grasping firmly on to the branch symbolizing others’ expectations. And I love your analogy to how easy it is to let go of that branch when you are plummeting towards the ground. I know that this advice is titled under the one girl to another category, but this is applicable to every human on this planet. Thank you for sharing such a personal and evocative story. I am still holding on to that branch, but I have definitely felt my grip loosen every so slightly – it’s a start 😉

  2. Sharon, Second try on commenting 🙂 Your essay is profoundly moving. For anyone who is letting go of *anything*, it speaks to the depth of self-examination involved and the deep longing for what must be released. That conflict is so real in every person. It’s just that many do not recognize the opportunity. Awesome piece. Thank you. Sala

    • The deep longing for what must be released…. How well put that is. And how reflective of the nature of the experience. Thank you for your wonderfully thoughtful comment! All the best to you.

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