The Baltimore Review

Photo credit: The Baltimore Review website
Photo credit: The Baltimore Review website

The Summer 2014 issue of The Baltimore Review is now available online. On its site, you can read not only one of my recent flash nonfiction pieces, “Cop Cars,” but also some excellent poetry and fiction from writers around the country. My favorite pieces from this issue include:

  • Vincent Poturica’s short story “Habte,” about an Eritrean immigrant at a child’s soccer game in Redondo Beach, CA
  • Helen Ellis’s essay “How to Be a Grown Ass Lady,” her humorous reflections on minding her Southern manners in NYC
  • Suzanne Simmons’ poem “Hospice,” which begins, “Who is coming for him?”


11 responses to “The Baltimore Review”

  1. Wow, firstly, I had to come back here and double check that your story was non-fiction. I can see where an experience such as this would get your blood flowing a little faster than usual. Splendid writing, and I didn’t find the present tense irksome at all. I was captivated from the opening sentence up until the final period. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the recognition you deserve as a published author 🙂

  2. Ah, the woman of many parts. Haven’t seen you around in either of your rôles for a while, Sharon. Looking forward to checking out all these as soon as I’ve mopped the damn kitchen floor, where Lui spilled his scrabblies and I walked on ’em …

    • Haha…I’ve been busy in yet another of my roles of late: that of stepmom. I’m still making time for writing almost every day, but as you’ve noticed, little of it has made it onto either blog!

      • Then I hope you’re deriving much joy from that incredibly important and worthwhile aspect of your life !

  3. oh my gawd, I love your “Cop Cars” piece. Riveting. The way you truthfully examine the questions that go on inside of you, and are willing to expose them. Now I’ll go read some of the other pieces you recommend. Thanks, Sharon. A great almost midnight read.

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