A few recent publications

I’ve gotten behind on posting about my recent publications. So here’s a quick guide to the items I’ve published this summer, in parapsychology and in philosophy, in English and in French.

  • An audio version of my 2016 scholarly philosophy book The Feeling of Value, narrated by me (except for the foreword by Thomas Nagel, which he narrated himself). This audiobook was produced with funding from the Future Fund Regranting Program, facilitated by regrantor Pablo Stafforini.
  • An essay summarizing for a popular audience the main ideas of The Feeling of Value, published on Utilitarianism.net.
  • A biographical profile of parapsychologist and survival researcher Stephen Braude, for the Psi Encyclopedia.
  • A chapter in a French collected volume, Phénomènes : Et si notre réalité était un rêve ? The book covers the role of the trickster in different types of extraordinary experiences, such as UFO encounters and phone calls from the dead. My chapter focuses on ESP, psychokinesis, and near-death experiences and the way in which the trickster may actually be a guardian of sorts, policing the boundary between this world and what lies beyond.

I’m now working on a new philosophy book that will integrate the metaethical theory I defended in The Feeling of Value with recent debates in philosophy of mind. Stay tuned!

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